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    OML MENA vision is to empower One Million Leaders in MENA by 2030

    These leaders will drive the change for MENA communities to be more green, circular and sustainable, and raise a powerful voice in the sustainability world of today. We envision MENA communities of interdependent people to change MENA for the better.


Who We Are

One Million Leaders - Middle East & North Africa aim to connect, inspire and empower one million young sustainability leaders by 2030 through a unique Fellowship and Networking model.

What makes OML-MENA Unique?

1/ OML-MENA will give Arabic young leaders their own, unique and powerful voice in the sustainability world of today.

Trained and skilled young MENA leaders to take ownership of the global SDGs.

2/ OML-MENA both respects traditional values and a heritage-based approach to sustainability while, at the same time, fostering innovation and nurturing creativity.

In a world of change, OML-MENA also takes inspiration from old and local Arabic wisdoms in order to find and lead solutions for tomorrow.

3/ OML-MENA helps young Arabs express the environmental, cultural and social identity pride of their local communities.

We believe that environmental, cultural and social self-determination will become the core value for the next generation of young Arabic sustainability leaders.


The OML MENA Fellowship Program

OML MENA aims to annually recruit young talents from the MENA region through the Fellowship programme. Fellows undergo a two-month training on a variety of topics such as Leadership, Sustainability, Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Beyond their training, fellows are required to replicate their training and mentor younger community peers (Pioneers), who aspire to engage in community-based projects.

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